‘TRIOLOG” is a software program that generates an endless audio play. The text is generated with basic AI algorithms and pattern recognition. There are three voices, a commentator, a male (a.) and a female (b.) one that discuss the topics the commentator points out to  them. The main topic of the entire ‘audio play’ is the art of conversation and interrogation. Basically, a. and b. slowly learn how to interrogate each other using the commentator’s input.

‘TRIOLOG” is still under construction but in the background you can hear a recording of the software from its current version. The email notifications during playback  are intentional, because it is possible to email with ‘TRIOLOG”. The email correspondences will be integrated and used as extra input for the self interrogations. Send your mails to:


and ‘TRIOLOG” will respond.


‘TRIOLOG” transcript:

Ironically yes. Responding to a question with a question with a question.

Conversely every suspect, truthful and untruthful, enters the interview must be consistent for each suspect.

It is often easier to comply with an agenda be fixed and unchanging.

Implicatures — these are easy to spot, quite frequent and have a way of discharging a touch of enmity.

Indeed In the late 1980s they were observed as frequent in female speech and uncompleted sentences.

But perhaps friendly insults are an implicit way of affecting everything that follows.

a. yours

b. Comparing these examples with their parasitic gap counterparts in word one and sentence three, we see that regarding conversation appears to correlate rather closely etc.

a. once very beginnings of civilization.

b. Clearly. civilization.

a. Are you Of civilization.

b. Would you prefer it if I were not of civilization.? Not so sure civilization.

a. Exactly. Conversation.

b. For one thing, concerning Conversation.

The truth of the interview progresses, and the scope of the consequences that might accompany it.

germane to the previous Adjacency pairs is a potential disrupter of conversations.

This confident attitude will be accused of a suspect.

It is often easier to comply with an agenda be fixed and unchanging.

regarding On the rare occasions on which they are rhetorical questions containing a preferred response.

Responding to a question with a question with a question with a question with a question.

a. that should suffice the conventional implication.

b. I see. talking about implication.

a. now then

b. Bloody fuck! Exactly. clarification.

a. This is a fact, I say Implication

b. How do you feel about this fact? Agreed, I guess deduction You must reframe the narrative. Implied.

a. well

b. For one thing, civilization

Ok? It is an effect in the mud again.

The truth of the deceptive suspect.

regarding It is a blip in the mud again.

Agreed The tone of the questions.

Ok! Parent: You’ve been playing in the grammatical choices, especially in the form of overlap.

Backtracking — interrupting what you are saying in order to keep the listener the last word.

a. your, yes

b. I see. Clarification.

a. Oh dear!

b. Self-referentially. implications

a. etc., yes Instant correction or clarification.

b. regardingly clarifications

a. OK, yes Beginnings of civilization.

b. Agreed, I guess civilizations

About: t is an information-gathering process.

Ok? It dates back to the preceding statement.